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Exchange with students of the VGH institute in Bogen (Germany)

Daniel Martín Inglesias, student of 4th of ESO A, shares with all of us in the following article his experience in the exchange they had last September with Bogen students.

On September 16, some students from 4th grade and others from 1st year of high school arrived in Bogen after a long trip of 12 hours. It was very tiring for everyone, but the desire to meet our German family and the week we had before us meant that we did not need to rest. 
The first two days were spent with the family; visiting natural parks, making routes through the forest or visiting cities. 
After the weekend, we met the institute where we attended some classes and played football in the great room dedicated to the rest of the students, which we all loved. Other days we made several excursions to the nearest cities. In Straubing we visited the interior of the tower and in Regensburg we enjoyed a guided tour of the beautiful historical center, as well as a pleasant boat trip on the Danube. We also visited the city of the "Technische Hochscule" and the University of Deggendorf. There they explained to us how the educational system worked and we knew its facilities. Then we had an unforgettable walk in a park on the Danube bank, where we had a great time. That same day we played a game of football without emotion where the Spaniards thrashed the Germans.
The next day we met the incredible Bavarian Forest. We visited the Xperium museum that we all liked, as well as the St. Englmar amusement park where we spent as children and then made a small route through the forest. We were very impressed by the great difference we found compared to the landscape of our region. 
The last day in Germany was spent in the VHG, which was our institute during that week. There the farewell took place where we said some words of gratitude and tasted the delicious Bavarian tapas; very good everything, but as the Spanish cuisine there is none. 
In conclusion, what has surprised us most has been the friendliness and respect, the institute and its facilities, the schedule so different from ours and the great variety of nature. No doubt this experience and the people we have met will always be with us. It has been unforgettable and we would all happily repeat.

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