martes, 4 de febrero de 2020

Watch the video of the Day¡¡¡¡

We already have the video of the IV Immersion Day, organized by the students of 4 of the ESO as part of the project within the bilingual English section. We received students from CEIP Arias Montano, Botoa, Juventud and San Jose de Calasanz and for the first time from CEIP General Navarro.

                                   It was a great day of coexistence in which we all enjoyed.

                                                Thanks to everyone for participating. 

martes, 17 de diciembre de 2019

IV Immersion Day

For the fourth consecutive year we will celebrate  Immersion Days in our center, students of CEIP Arias Montano, Botoa, General Navarro, Juventud,  and San Jose de Calasanz will be in our High School enjoying a day of immersion in English with the students of 1º of the ESO of the Bilingual section with different activities and to finalize with a fun dance in which we can sing all together the songs that most liked by students
We hope you have a great time¡

Soon we will upload a video about the activity

domingo, 20 de octubre de 2019

Language immersion in Los Molinos (Llerena)

Learning lenguage contributes to mutual understanding, develops a sense of global belonging and inner satisfaction. Those who assimilate a new language also learn to appreciate other cultures, countries, social groups and their components, people.

What better way to practice a language for a young student than to immerse him or her in a carefully designed cultural environment located in a unique natural setting.

On October 24 we will have a meeting in which we inform you of all the details of the trip.
We will see you next Thursday!

PaCo: Meeting in Hradec

Two students from the bilingual section of English, Sandra Gómez and Martín Gómez are participating during last week in the  transnational meeting in Hradec Králové (Czech Republic) within the Erasmus KA2 project whose name is Participation in Society through Classroom Activities and The cooperation. (Acronym: PaCo).
The schools that are part of the project are "Arppen Koulu" -Kitee, Finland. (Organizer), "Tartu Kesklinna Kool" -Tartu, Estonia,"Szent Piroska Görögkatolikus Általános Iskola" -Nyíracsád-Hungary, "Vyssi odborna skola" -Hradec Králové-Czech Republic, "Osnovna sola Prezihovega Voranca Bistrica" ​​-Crensovci-Slovenia