miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

All About Britain

“All About Britain” is a book the students of 1st ESO B are reading this year, it’s a book which tells us about the UK, the traditions, the meals, the royal family, famous people…
On the first chapter we made a tour around the most important castles, and we got to know their GHOSTS.

Elena Gata and Luis Bizarro have made a very interesting presentation. Here it is so all of you can know a little bit about GHOSTSin case you visit those beautiful places.


Students 1b attended the show "Veer-ginia" based on the play of "Peer Gynt", it is a version by Cristina de Frutos , (Joaquin Sama Award 2007) with music by Grieg, Thaikovsky, Strauss and Offenbach.
The protagonist is a girl who likes to sing and  flamenco dance.
They have assisted students from various High Schools and Colleges of Badajoz province and we enjoyed the live classical music, including participating in some fragments.
 It's a fun way to bring classical music to schools.

viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2014

Music Week

We were surprised by our student Jorge Moreno of 1ºB when he turn up playing a saxophone with his sister at the library.  ¡Thank you very much!

domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2014


All the students in 1º B had to write a biography of David Villa, it was very important not to copy from Wikipedia, they should do it  simple and clear. This is what they wrote.

His full name is David Villa Sanchez, he hasn’t got a middle name but his nicknames are El Guaje and the Kid. Villa´s birthday is on 3rd December. He is a professional football player. He is famous for playing in FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid and Spain National Team.
Villa is from Langreo, Asturias (Spain). His father’s name is José Manuel Villa and his mother’s name is Dorita Sánchez. He hasn’t got any brothers or sisters. He is married with Patricia and they have two daughters and a son.

He is tall, thin and very funny!

viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2014

Review Frankenweenie

After watching the movie some students from 1º B and 2º B wrote a few sentences about the film and the main characters.

This is what Marina López and Elena Gata from 1º B said:
The film is in black and white and the characters aren’t beautiful. The boy has a little dog, Sparky and it’s his best friend. The boy’s name is Victor.
Victor is tall, thin, and has short hair. He has also got very big eyes. He is antisocial, serious and very intelligent. He loves science.
Sparky is Victor’s dog. He’s small and has got big ears and a long nose. He’s very funny and loves Victor.
Victor’s parents love Sparky too. They think that Victor hasn’t any human friends.
Edgar is another character, he is hunched, short and ugly. He’s terrible. Elsa has a dog, she is black.

Both Marina and Elena liked the film because it’s beautiful,amusing and funny, especially for the drawing of the characters.

And this is what Victoria Puente and Lorena Vélez  from 2º B wrote:
Victor lives with his parents in New Holland. He is the owner of a dog called Sparky but he died because a car hit him.
Victor has a new science teacher and they have to do a project for school. Victor gives life to Sparky by lightning.
Victor is very tall, thin, intelligent and nice. He is a clever and hardworking boy. He loves science.
Sparky is black and white, he is playful, friendly and very energetic.Elsa goes to school with Victor. She is a girl with big eyes and a small mouth. She is tall and thin. She is a tender, kind girl and very shy.

Victoria didn’t enjoy the film because she didn’t like the plot (argumento) , but Lorena really liked it because it’s an animated film and because she laughed a lot.

jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2014

UNIT 1: the Answer Key and Vocabulary extension

On  Friday the 7th we’ll have our first English test. It consists of  Starter Unit and unit 1.
If you do all the exercises from the workbook and the photocopies, and revise your notebook, you won’t have any problems. Work hard and probably you’ll get a very good mark.
It’s a good idea to correct all the exercises. I give you a files with the answers of all the exercises.

Click on the FILE and you’ll download the Answer Key and if you click here you'll download  Vocabulary extension Unit 1.

miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

Movie in original version

On Thursday the 6th of November, the groups 1º B and 2º B are going to watch a film at COC in San Roque neighbourhood. The film is Frankenweenie  by Tim Burton the director of the successful film “Chocolate Factory”. I hope all of us will have a good time and enjoy the film. 
There is a file/ document which the students will have to complete about the movie and also say if they like it or not. 

Download the file by clicking on it.