miércoles, 24 de enero de 2018

The Ticket Inspector

Some students from 1º ESO have recorded a funny sketch called The Ticket Inspector. They had a great time recording it and we also enjoyed watching them in the classroom. Have a look at Arturo Gómez and Lucas Sáenz’s video. 

But,  who are the actors?

martes, 16 de enero de 2018

For the second consecutive year we celebrated II Immersion Days in our center, students of CEIP Arias Montano, Botoa, Juventud, Lope de Vega and San Jose de Calasanz were in our High School enjoying a day of immersion in English with the students of 1º of the ESO of the Bilingual section with different activities and to finalize with a fun karaoke in which we could sing all together the songs that most liked by students
We had a great time¡

Soon we will upload a video about the activity