miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2016

Health Week 2016

During the week from 9th to 13th of  May, we will develop different activities and workshops related to health and prevention, aimed at students of ESO and FPB. These initiatives sharing fruit will join during breaks and organizing healthy breakfasts.

Health Week 2016 is organized and coordinated by the Orientacion Dtº, Dtº of Socio-Cultural Services and the Community (First Aid Workshop) and Dtº Physical Education (Zumba class) IES Barbara de Braganza.
Health Workshops and awareness for prevention are the responsibility of the Department of Youth of the City Council of Badajoz, which will develop the following modules:

  • Harmful habits. Consumption of drugs.
  • Affective-sexual education.
  • Feeding Habits.
  • Addictions without drugs.

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