miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2016

A joint activity, 2016: CEIP "Lope de Vega"-IES "Bárbara de Braganza"

On more year, 1st Year students from “Barbara de Braganza” High School and 6th Grade students from “Lope de Vega” Primary School, have participated in a joint activity in the Muslin Citadel (Alcazaba) of Badajoz.
They performed a gymkhana around the High Square, the Walls, the Galera’s Garden, the Espantaperros Tower and the Alcazaba Garden. They worked in groups and had to run all over the area in order to answer some questions and resolve several problems.
After two hours of intense running, climbing and reading information boards, everybody knows where Iban Marwan statue is, where the “Pig Meat” Gate, Capitel Gate or Carros Gate are. They even know the number of stairs they have to walk to get to the Central fountain.
It has been an exhausting, exciting and very funny experience. And above of all they have met some new friends.

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