jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015

Deepak’s Farawell Party

Today it has been Deepak’s last day in our school so everybody was really sad because we we wanted him to stay for another year, but that is impossible as  he is leaving Spain !!!
Students from 1ºB and 2ºB played an American football match, they had a great time and Deepak was the referee.
We also had a little performance, with some students singing and dancing. The “flamenco” dance was great, and we think Deepak enjoyed it a lot.
After that, the students thanked him and told him that they will really miss him and gave him some presents. As it was lunch time we had something to eat, the students brought omelettes, sandwiches… And as it was Deepak’s birthday we even had a birthday cake. It was delicious!!!



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