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Review Frankenweenie

After watching the movie some students from 1º B and 2º B wrote a few sentences about the film and the main characters.

This is what Marina López and Elena Gata from 1º B said:
The film is in black and white and the characters aren’t beautiful. The boy has a little dog, Sparky and it’s his best friend. The boy’s name is Victor.
Victor is tall, thin, and has short hair. He has also got very big eyes. He is antisocial, serious and very intelligent. He loves science.
Sparky is Victor’s dog. He’s small and has got big ears and a long nose. He’s very funny and loves Victor.
Victor’s parents love Sparky too. They think that Victor hasn’t any human friends.
Edgar is another character, he is hunched, short and ugly. He’s terrible. Elsa has a dog, she is black.

Both Marina and Elena liked the film because it’s beautiful,amusing and funny, especially for the drawing of the characters.

And this is what Victoria Puente and Lorena Vélez  from 2º B wrote:
Victor lives with his parents in New Holland. He is the owner of a dog called Sparky but he died because a car hit him.
Victor has a new science teacher and they have to do a project for school. Victor gives life to Sparky by lightning.
Victor is very tall, thin, intelligent and nice. He is a clever and hardworking boy. He loves science.
Sparky is black and white, he is playful, friendly and very energetic.Elsa goes to school with Victor. She is a girl with big eyes and a small mouth. She is tall and thin. She is a tender, kind girl and very shy.

Victoria didn’t enjoy the film because she didn’t like the plot (argumento) , but Lorena really liked it because it’s an animated film and because she laughed a lot.

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