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Where does this tradition? Discover more about the Halloween fun and different customs. 
Halloween is a celebration of British culture that is celebrated on the night of October 31. 

Its origins date back to the Celts more than 2,500 years ago when the Celtic year ended at the end of summer, on 31 October our calendar (Samhain). Cattle were the meadows led to the stables for the winter. That last day, it was assumed that the spirits could come out of the graveyard and take over the bodies of the living to rise again, ask food and cursing. They were victims of spells if they did not accede to their requests: you give me something or get into mischief, which is the translation of "Trick or Treat". 

To avoid this, the Celtic villages littered houses and "decorated" with bones, skulls and other nasty stuff, so spend long dead scared. Hence the tradition of decorating houses with sinister motives in the current eve of All Saints and also costumes. It is thus a party associated with the coming of the heathen gods to life. 

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