jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

Bye, bye Hayley

Our English assistant Hayley,  who has been with us for two years, is going to teach at another school. We wanted to say goodbye to her with an English breakfast and our colleague Mary made some delicious pancakes. Moms of  Laura Romero and Marta Borrachero also put their two cents with a cake and  great cookie lollipops. 
In the gym Hayley , who is from New Zealand, was presented by the student boys with the Haka, a Maori dance which  is often used as a sign of welcome and hospitality, but it is also performed before  sporting activities, especially rugby. The girls  danced a  traditional dance from Extremadura, "El Candil". 
This  has been our way to thank  and show her that although her country is very far, we can feel it very near.
Thank you very much!   We´ll really miss you, Hayley!

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